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Aropec Sports Corp is known for its water sports gear such as rash guards, triathlon wetsuits, dry bags, and their high quality surfing wetsuits.

Striving to make high-quality watersports gear, Aropec specializes in top-of-the-range surfwear, fishing gear, and diving equipment. Aropec is a favourite with water fanatics in Australia & New Zealand.

Wetsuit Choices

Omni~2mm Neoprene Kid's Shorty

Viva~2mm Front Zip Neoprene Kid's Shorty

Front Zip
Crest~2mm Neoprene Kid's Shorty

Premium~2.5mm Neoprene Kid's Shorty

1.5mm Neoprene/Lycra Child's Swim Jacket

Balance Jacket Kids

2mm Rainbow Neoprene Shorts


1.5mm Neoprene/Lycra Lady's Swim Jacket

Balance Jacket


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Wetsuit Order

Wetsuit Order
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