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Kick, Stroke, Swim Program

The Kick, Stroke, Swim Program was developed by
Kelly E. Duell, M.A., NBCT
in conjunction with
Susan Flynn (Charleston University) and Carole DeHaven (Purdue University).

The Kick, Stroke, and Swim (KSS) program can be used to engage students in swimming skill acquisition and fitness training utilizing a variety of modalities, strategies, and techniques on dry land. Due to the limited information available, we developed the KSS program, which provides strategies to practice swim strokes and techniques on land, giving all levels of swimmers – from beginner to competitive – a kinesthetic awareness of the individual components of each stroke that will enhance skill development and refinement. This KSS program assists with assessing the fundamental techniques of each skill component, may be used with peer assessments, and is a helpful tool to demonstrate proper technique for parental assistance. The swimming stroke executed on a variety of equipment such as a stability ball, playground ball, therapy roller, therapy half-roller, BOSU ball, ottoman, or bench, can address swimmers at different skill levels. Practicing these skills and techniques on the pool deck and in other land-based space, during physical education class, swimming class, or at home, may assist students with retention and skill development. In addition, KSS training may enhance stroke acquisition and improvement in a student’s overall fitness, and land training could offer students an opportunity to build a confident skill base before entering the pool.

*Please use the links below to access instructional materials and the skill acquisition cards.

Our Kick, Stroke, Swim program looks like a tree with three main branches; several up and coming branches; and several auxiliary branches.
Our skills acquisition program consists of various skills performed on land utilizing physio (or rubber) balls, rollers, 1/2-rollers, benches, chairs, sofa backs, and other equipment.
Students learn skills prior to attending class; practice skills learned in class; and maintain skill level between classes.
The other main branch is our fitness program. This program uses the same fundamental principles as our skill acquisitions program with a twist...we do it for cardiovascular fitness, core building & stabilization, and strength conditioning.
This program is complimentary and available digitally for all our currently enrolled students. An added bonus for the may now utilize this program with your child before their lesson or at home.


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