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1. Hover over Class Types & Skill Levels (the navigation pops up) then click on the Skills link to determine where you or your swimmer fit, in regards to the skill level (Red, Red-Orange, Orange, Orange-Yellow, Yellow, etc.). Each description describes what the student should be able to do at the end of the session.  If your child can already complete everything, then register her/him for the next level up.

2. Click on the link for information describing the various classes we offer: Adult, Beach, Swim Team, Kick, Stroke, Swim, Parent-Child, Private Lessons Your Pool (POP).

3. To review classes offered with more details, click on the Classes Offered link. This page lists all classes taught in community pools or in private pools. There are also links to the registration forms.

4. Hover over Reg Form (Registration Form), then click on the registration form you need (link)~You will find all the class times and levels listed at the bottom of this form.

5. Complete the Registration Form, click the Submit button, and wait for the Payment Page to open.

6. Once the Payment Page opens, you will be able to make your PayPal payment right from there.  Be sure you use the payment section for the session in which you are enrolling or you will end up paying for a different session.  Please be sure to input the swimmer's name in the designated box. You do NOT need a PayPal account to utilize this service; there is a link on the lower left side of the PayPal page if you would prefer to use a different payment method. Please contact PayPal directly for any concerns you may have using their secure service.

7. If you are registering late or have a special situation, please discuss this with us and so we can determine the best approach to use for your payment; it may be possible to send you an invoice.

8. Your registration is NOT complete until you receive a confirmation email from us.  All payments and class registrations MUST go through our website; if not, they are NOT valid classes.

9. If you have any challenges with this process, please feel free to email us or call us, and we'll help you through.

10. There are many other links on our site to assist you in the growth and development of your swimmer such as Newsletters; Education (has links to curriculum, lesson plans, safety concerns, and more); About Us; Contact Us; and several other links for your convenience.

11. Please be aware that classes with fewer then four (4) students enrolled, will/may be CANCELLED & we will contact you to let you know that it has been cancelled. We do everything we can to place your child in another class, if possible.  Please be aware, we do NOT do make-up classes.  Read the full Refund and Cancellation Policy.

12.  We want to ensure that all folks understand the class time policy: Classes are 30 minutes at community pools; for certain ages; and if there is only one student enrolled in the class or in attendance for that particular day.  We have found that students are productive only for the first 30 minutes; after that they cannot sustain the performance level necessary to gain skills, when working individually.  We do want the children to have a positive experience and forcing them to perform when they are exhausted does not suit this purpose.  We do hope you will be understanding and supportive of this policy.

13. On occasion, a child may be registered for a class which does not fit her/his skill level, in this case, we discuss the matter with you, determine the best placement, and move your child to that class. There is nothing you have to do outside of taking note of the change, no paperwork to complete, no confirmation to send; we take care of everything.

14. Please read our Small but Important Details information; it has many details which will assist you and your child in having a good swimming lesson experience.

15. We try to take pictures of the students during swimming classes, when there is personnel and equipment available, which means you should read our Participant's Picture/Image Use Policy for details pertaining to these pictures.  All pictures will be posted on our Facebook page.

16.  Taking extended breaks after each session is not the best practices. Please read our Position Paper for complete details.

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