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Parent-Child Class Information


All payments and class registrations MUST go through our website; if not, they are NOT valid classes.

Parent-Child Class


  • Nuts & Bolts

    We teach group classes in county-operated pools; and private & small group classes in private pools. See below for types of pools.

    We travel to:

    West Hawaii, South Kona, Kailua-Kona, South Kohala, Waima


    We are happy to use any pool: hotel; condo; homeowners association; country club; your backyard pool.


    You will be responsible for securing the pool and permission to utilize the pool if we are traveling to you. Our insurance does cover us in any pool we teach classes.


    After determining location, dates, and times, we will give you the total cost. You may make your payment right on our website, using PayPal. We cannot begin classes without payment.

  • Requirements


    The Parent-Infant class is for students ages 6 months through 17 months old, who will be participating with at least one (1) adult (parent/guardian).


    The Parent-Toddler class is for students ages 18 months through 2 years 11 months old, who will be participating with at least one (1) adult (parent/guardian).


    Parents will be instructed on how to interact with their child in the water; given hints & tips for water socialization; participate in activities to enhance their child's experience; and spend quality time with their child to develop and grow a stronger parent-child bond.


    We begin with general skills , build on those, and add to the curriculum as we swim through the session. We do have a predesigned curriculum, however we change it as the students' needs change. We will individualize various skills to meet your child's needs. We are constantly researching and developing new techniques, strategies, methodologies, skills, activities, and equipment, so don't be surprised if you see something completely new one class!

  • *Please complete the Registration Form listed under Class Information


    Each learner grows and developes on her/his own continum; has different needs and comfort levels; and progresses at her/his own rate. We encourage you not to compare your child with any other child-they are all different!


    Please read the Small but Important Details page, however please disregard the first sentence "These classes are for children only, no parents"~this does not apply to the Parent-Child classes


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